The Pillars of Health


Sleep is paramount for our immunity, general health, wellbeing and mental health. In fact, it is easier to list what sleep doesn’t help! If you are in any doubt about how critical sleep is, please see my sister website Sleepability

Breathing & Meditation

Breathing is vital to health on many levels and is why the brain controls this at a subconscious level. Breathing is also the key to relaxation, managing stress or anxiety and the basis of meditation practise.


Your body experiences dehydration as trauma. Stress hormones are produced which have many adverse health effects. Aim to drink 2 litres of filtered water per day.


We are what we eat! But it all starts with gut health. As well as probiotics, we need to look at prebiotics and postbiotics. And, as ever, one size does not fit all. Contact me for an MOT.

Being Human

We are men, women, boys and girls. We evolved in social groups. We are human beings: neither human doings nor Zoomans. And we are NOT designed to live in isoloatoin. Now, more than ever, it is vital to find time for yourself and one another.


Exercise creates movement, flow and flexibility. We stagnate on many levels if we lead a sedentary life. Make exercise pleasurable, social and get outside everyday to top up your Vitamin D levels.