Neurodegenerative Disease Support

with Vital Force Therapeutics

What causes neurodegenerative disease?

Neurodegenerative disease is an umbrella term for many conditions and is set to become one of the biggest public health challenges. Global dementia stats - the end stage of some neurodegenerative dis-eases - reveal that there are c.55-60m cases, with predictions of 115m cases by 2050. There are many causes of neurodegenerative disease:

  • medication
  • individual susceptibility (ancestral medical history)
  • diet & lifestyle
  • physical & emotional trauma 
  • essential fatty acid profile
  • environmental toxins (xeno-oestrogens, heavy metals, fluoride, EMR)

What are Vital Force Therapeutics?

During my 25 years of being a Homeopath, I have had the good fortune to learn with some the leading lights, not least the late, great Dr Robin Murphy. Robin was a naturopath and homeopath, and a gifted healer. He had a particular passion for Homeopathy as he saw that it has much to offer people with neurodegenerative disease.

The Vital Force is a concept that was developed by the founder of Homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, and it described the dynamic energy that enlivens a body. He wrote that, '... homeopathic remedies are a mistuning of the Vital Force ... and that homeopathic remedies retune the Vital Force', and this is my approach to treating people with neurodegenerative disease. Other names for the Vital Force are the Chi / Qi (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Prana (Ayurvedic Medicine).

The body in it’s infinite wisdom has a hierarchy of organs, with the brain and heart being top priority. We know, then, that the vital force is struggling when neurodegenerative or heart dis-ease develops.

The Plan B specialist support programme includes:

  • expert case taking
  • bespoke detox programmes
  • individualised homeopathic remedies
  • natural nutrition techniques
  • superfood therapeutics
  • gentle cellular nutrition
  • interim support and resources

The name of the condition is not paramount to a Homeopath, as we treat the person with whatever symptoms they present, including adverse effects from medication given to manage their condition.

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