Cancer Treatment Support

Helping you on your journey through cancer

How can Homeopathy help me?

Homeopathy helps you - the unique person that you are - with your symptoms - whatever named condition you've been diagnosed with.

A homeopath can help by perceiving your body's language via it's chosen symptoms. First and foremost, a diagnosis of cancer is something that fills most people with dread and the shock of diagnosis is often ignored in the rush towards the conventional cancer treatment pathway, especially with the current phenomenon of 'turbo cancer'.

Fear is inextricably linked with cancer, and the language around it demonstrates this. I believe that doctors delivering a diagnosis should choose their words wisely, because words have the power to heal, or harm. This is why I always start a consultation by talking about the diagnosis process, and addressing the shock so that the body's cry for help - and the person is heard, and eased off of red alert, to enable healing process to begin. I provide a safe and private space for you to share your story.

This is because, before you've had a chance to catch your breath from diagnosis, the oncology conveyor belt kicks in and people I work with say they feel like a cog in a very well-oiled wheel, with clinicians and consultants reducing the process to stats and percentages. This is because medical science loves a number! The MLD's are put in place - all performing their specific role - with little or no time given to a holistic overview or treatment.

For the people with cancer that find their way to me, they often say that it feels like an opportunity to change; to pause and take notice of what their body has been telling them for years. Some people have even said it's as though the body has gathered all the stress and conflict into a ball (tumour) to be dealt with. I think that's very profound and why it's important to remain a co-driver in your cancer journey as opposed to being a passenger. You have a choice in all that is offered to you, it just doesn't always feel that way, because fear based medicine is limited to working within stats and percentages. But you cannot measure the human spirit and incredibly strong will to live - I've learned never to bet against that!

My learning and experience has led me to believe that cancer is a journey, and is as unique as the person coming to me for help. It is the best the body can do at the time, and is benevolent, despite the language used by the media and conventional medicine. I take time to review how you got to this point, and to reframe the process, acknowledge the fear, so we can begin to look at the bigger picture.

There is a huge emotional and psychological element to cancer. There is a reason why tumours occur in certain parts of the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, certain organs relate to specific emotions and conflicts. Suppressed emotions, trauma are factors that your body - and cells -- don't forget. Homeopaths learn to read the language of your body and is why we can help people, whatever course of treatment they choose.

Homeopaths learn to perceive the body's cry for help, and that symptoms are not the problem, rather a messenger from within that it is struggling. The body has an innate intelligence and works in your interest 24/7, 365 days a year, without our being aware - until it can no longer do so. Symptoms of cancer are a last ditch resort to get your attention - like a holler (as opposed to a whisper). You can't ignore it easily, and rightly so.

The Plan B specialist support programme includes:

  • expert case taking
  • bespoke detox programmes
  • individualised homeopathic remedies
  • natural nutrition techniques
  • superfood therapeutics
  • gentle cellular nutrition
  • interim support and healing resources

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It really is time to it differently.

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