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How it all started

I have always been interested in natural health and first came across Homeopathy in my teens (many years ago!) My forward thinking Mum took me to a Homeopath for a stubborn case of Impetigo. Nothing I'd been given by the doctor had worked and was told, '... you'll have to live with it'. Mum had heard that my friend had been treated by a Homeopath for Glandular Fever and that was a good enough recommendation.

I had never experienced anything like the time I spent with the Homeopath. Mum and I spent about an hour with him and he asked all kinds of random questions which I now know was a thorough case review. He prescribed the remedy Nux Vomica and overnight the impetigo was gone. Never to return. And I thought no more of it, until some years later.

Fast forward 10 years and I was with the GP again, prescribed yet another course of antibiotics for repeated ear infections and he spoke those same words, '... you'll have to live with it'. But the difference was, he suggested I saw a Homeopath. What a forward thinking GP! I was prescribed the same remedy as in my teens – Nux Vomica (note the name of the condition is different yet the remedy is the same). 24 hours later the pain and deafness were gone - which have never returned - and that was the start of a 20 year journey of studying natural and complementary therapies.

I left a lucrative City job, qualified in Massage and started my alternative career in the spa of a Caribbean-bound cruise ship, I mean, why wouldn’t you?! On my return, I established an in-house corporate massage practice and decided to study Homeopathy - I have always had an enquiring mind!

From the first day at College, I knew I was in the right place. It felt like I was relearning things I'd always known, but somehow forgotten. It was a truly life-changing course and I know I was lucky to study with the late and visionary Robert Davidson. He showed students how to be unprejudiced observers, as well as how fear can paralyse people, block perspective and the ability to find solutions. How timely are those words?! And there's nothing as scary as taking your first case, believe me! But I did and I never tire of hearing people’s life stories and how they found their way to me. It is a privilege and often humbling experience. The process is empowering and enlightening - I help clients join the dots in their medical and life events, which reveals that nothing really 'gets you' out of the blue.

Some years later, I finished my Degree in Homeopathy, which involved reviewing the research around Homeopathy (oh yes, there's lots of it!), advanced case taking skills and complex case management. I continue with regular CPD to add to my skills because the minute you think you've got it, you've lost it!

Be assured that when we work together, I bring to you the very best that Homeopathy has to offer, that I have invested at least 10 years of my life in initial training, and thereafter, regular CPD, which enables me to perceive a person's symptoms and case very differently - which takes time and a lot of practice.

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