EMR Management & Digital Detox

As we are thrust into the digital age at an alarming rate, the need to minimise the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) will become vital.

The body can adapt to just about anything given the right nutrition, lifestyle choices and environment but the omnipresent nature of EMR needs regular management.

Electrickery - a double edged sword

We live in a brightly lit, wirelessly connected world that keeps us stimulated and awake longer than our ancestors would have dreamt possible. Edison commercialised Nikola Tesla’s knowledge to bring electricity to the masses, since when our lives have changed drastically.

Progress comes with pros and cons and while I don't suggest we go back to living in caves, I think steps taken to reduce the effect of the EMR and radiowaves produced by our instant world, makes perfect sense. Your body will thank you for it and be more able to do what it is designed to do for you, 24/7, 365 days per year - self-heal and maintain equilibrium (homeostasis).


While our instantaneous, wireless world keeps us ‘connected’, pandemic-levels of insomnia and loneliness plague the world. Insomnia has been identified by BigTech and BigPharma for massive investment for the foreseeable future. No surprise there! The growth of the tech sector, the power needed for it, our LED-lit surroundings, and the blue light emitted from our gadgets of mass distraction all reduce the sleep hormone - Melatonin – in alarming amounts. The cool and funky answer would seem to be to invest in the vast array of apps, or wear blue glasses, which will help reduce the blue light BUT they will not stop the EMFs emitted by your tech interfering with our brainwaves, to include those associated with sleep. Insomnia is not a condition to be taken lightly. Just short term sleep deprivation has serious detrimental effects on physical, mental health and immunity, and is why I established my homeopathic sleep clinic, Sleepability

When we add together the EMFs produced by our Wifi router, tech, household appliances, our neighbours’ tech, Wifi and the 5g network (being rolled out rapidly globally), it is easy to see how our bodies will very likely be overcome by electrosmog. Electrosensitivity, and all its associated ailments, in my opinion, are set to become the 21st Century pandemic. Don't be fooled by the latest sleep app, wearable, smart mattress or pillow to help you sleep. Data does not help you sleep. It is simply information. And the electromagnetic radiation emitted from your latest must have gizmo will interfere with your sleep waves. There are no short cuts or geeky solutions to insomnia. Just effective 1:1 case taking, homeopathic and natural remedies plus consistent, practical and lifestyle changes. For which you've come to the right place!

Electromagnetic Radiation & Electromagnetic Fields

EMR is an energy form which surrounds us 24/7. There is naturally occurring EMR (from the planet, sunlight nature, our body) and man-made EMR which comes from our appliances, tech, medical diagnostics, pylons and cell towers. It is invisible so we can’t see electromagnetic fields of radiation. EM takes many forms, such as radio waves, microwaves, X-rays and gamma rays and is referred to as the spectrum.

EMR creates electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which can be measured. hse.gov.uk states that it has been known for many years that exposure of people to high levels of EMFs can give rise to illness. At low frequencies the effects will be on the central nervous system of the body whilst at high frequencies, heating effects on the body and brain can occur.

Sources of EMFs in your home

Tech. TVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, SmartPhones, e-readers. Need I say more! These are our major source of daily exposure to EMFs and blue light (which keeps you awake by reducing the sleep hormone and disturbing sleep brainwaves).

Dirty Electric. That emitted by the hard wiring and circuitry within the home.

Wearables. The latest fad and very en vogue, but another source of EMF your body doesn’t need. All they do is measure biorhythms and tell you what’s up, but data does not necessarily solve the problem, does it? You need solutions - not data. Do you really want to be connected to your tech - and the SmartGrid 24/7?

SmartGrid. Throughout the last 2-3 years, roll out of the 5g network and supporting infrastructure (towers, receivers and boosters) are a mega source of EMFs. 5g is generally used in the lower frequencies (hence its central nervous system effects) and can pass through buildings. This is how lightning speed connectivity that is 5g and limitless data will be transmitted into your home. To facilitate this a network of street and road lights are being erected near you, because 5g doesn’t travel too well over distance. It relies on a network of mini receivers atop streetlights, bus shelters, bollards, cell towers, etc., to create the SmartGrid. And there's no escape. Check out what’s going on in your area - 5g.co.uk.

SmartMeters. The lure of cheaper water, gas and electric will become increasingly tempting as fuel brokers continue to extort people. They are another big source of EMF in your home. And a data giveaway to the companies. Do you really need them? And despite everything you'll hear to the contrary - installation is not mandatory or lawful. It is all about consent, which you can withhold.

Alexa, Dot, Siri et al. These seemingly benign ‘assistants’ are another source of EMF in the home. And data gatherers. I won't be hiring them, and I recommend you Room 101 the lot!

How EMR & EMFs make us sick

Naturopath, Arthur Firstenberg, has written an excellent book charting the history of each new electrification of our planet and how it affects the human body. He writes that the main detoxification route for EMR & EMFs are:

  • flu-like symptoms
  • Longer term exposure may lead to ME and chronic fatigue
  • Regular migraines/headaches
  • Nosebleeds
  • Tinnitus
  • Insomnia
  • Convulsions & Neurodegenerative Conditions
  • Blood disorders to include clotting
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Cancer

Lloyd Burrell writes on his website that 5G radiation is linked with skin burns, cataracts and eye damage, heart rate changes, immune system effects.

Reams of evidence exists about the harmful effects of EMF on health, even at 3G and 4G levels of EMF exposure. But 5G (and, soon, 6G and 7G) are completely different ball games. Check out Legal Action against 5g, a team of cross-industry experts who are challenging the Government for rolling out untested technology on an unwitting population.

Remember: flu symptoms are the way the body clears toxic load, especially EMF. It makes sense to work with the body, versus against it. Your symptoms – however serious – are messengers from inside. If we shoot the messenger using over the counter and prescribed medication, the toxicity goes back inside. If the repeated silencing of your immune response continues, eventually the messages will cease - enter chronic and underlying health problems, which I think you’ll agree is at pandemic levels worldwide.

So, while I love some of the convenience that tech brings, I prefer to be engaged with the real world: nature, animals and people. If we’ve learned anything over the last 2 years, it is how much better we feel for being in nature. We are a part of nature and not separate from it. The more we think we’re separate from nature, is the degree to which we’re sick.

And how much better do we feel when we actually meet a friend or loved one ‘in person’? That’s because our heart emits its very own EMF of exactly 2 metres. Yes! You read that correctly. And it is how we communicate upon seeing one another, before we think of or speak a word. I’ll leave that with you to ponder, and the policy of (anti)social distancing. And this information is out in the public domain. Do you think that the so-called 'Sage' scientists are unaware of this?

So, however much of a lifesaver Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and Skype seems to have been, it is and will never be a substitute for real human connection. Tech’s EMF gets in the way of our heart’s EMF field. And that’s why EMF protection, digital detox and grounding technology has become an integral part of my service to clients. And the results are amazing. Check out Groundology, a UK industry-leading company that specialises in grounding technology. Grounding Technology: Earthing sheets, Mats & more (groundology.co.uk)

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