Natural Nutrition

"Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food." (Hippocrates)

Natural Nutrition

I know, it's a cliché, but we are (to a degree) what we eat. Gut, or microbiome health, is essential to overall health and immunity so a consultation will always include a nutritional MOT, and recommendations to optimise gut health and identify. While supplements are often seen to be the modern day solution to augment our diets, I do not rely heavily on them because absorbability is vital. If your body is clogged and stagnant, absorption of supplements will be limited. Instead, I suggest effective practical tips to enable you to maintain internal hygiene and movement which I explain below.

Natural Nutrition sits somewhere between Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy. The new buzz word is 'Functional Medicine' uses elements of both, backed by allopathic screening, testing and supplement prescriptions to resolve problems. But, really, all the body needs to be able to do is cleanse itself internally, which we help or hinder with food, thought and lifestyle choices.

Internal Hygiene

At college we learned that the cornerstone of natural nutrition is to help the body maintain internal hygiene. It does this by creating internal movement, versus stagnation, at a bodily system, organ and cellular level. A simplistic explanation would be to imagine the body as a test tube. Ideally, it would be, say, a third full with an intact, natural, reactive immune system, an optimal vitamin and mineral reserve, full hydration, to include a full essential fatty acid profile. That would leave two thirds of the test tube for the body's metabolic processes, self-cleansing and healing, or what is known as internal hygiene.

Factors that fill up the test tube are unhelpful lifestyle choices, e.g. regular or long-term medication, cigarettes, inhalers, caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs, a diet heavy in sugar, processed foods, dehydration, unhelpful thoughts. We are designed to be omnivores and I am not a particular fan of exclusion diets. I believe a little of everything, is OK, despite societal trends. What is important is the quality of our food and its nutritional content, so opt for organic where you can.

Shooting the messenger

Imagine that your body knows exactly what it's doing, that it works for you 24/7, 365 days per year. What if each acute illness, e.g. flu, coughs, colds, fevers, digestive problems, was symptomatic of an internal imbalance, that symptoms are the body's way of clearing toxic load, as opposed to being the problem itself. Childhood illness are developmental milestones, clearing the rucksack of inherited traits and weaknesses. Why would you not want to that to happen, to clear the blocks to better, improved health and immunity? Imagine, then, the message that conventional medication sends to the body: it not only ignores them but silences them - shooting the messenger. Repeated or long term medication sledgehammers it into silence, paving the way for chronic, underlying health conditions (which are actually unresolved acute episodes. The symptoms are the messenger - not the problem.

Each time this is repeated, the test tube fills up more, leaving less space for movement, acute episodes and a less full test tube. Repeat this over a lifetime, it is no wonder chronic or underlying health problems are the pandemic of our times.

The Consultation & Treatment

After taking a case history, I will suggest gut health remedies, bespoke dietary changes, homeopathic remedies and, possibly, naturopathic techniques to help create that movement your body needs to achieve ease and wellbeing. I usually recommend a monthly consultation over 3 months to achieve and maintain change.

"Everything you eat either fights disease or feeds it. Choose wisely." (author unknown)

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