Chakra Clearing

The Chakras

The word chakra derives from the Indian Vedic scriptures as wheel. The chakras are energy centres - windows or portals - and are an interface between our physical body and the energy around us, like a transformer. The diagram to the right indicates roughly where each chakra is. It is no coincidence that they are located above each of the major endocrine (hormone) glands.

Illness, sickness or dis-ease is seen in the charka system as an underactive (closed) or overactive (open) energy centre, which will have a knock on effect elsewhere in the body or other chakras. A Chakra Alignment session will help to realign and recalibrate each centre with the use of breathing techniques, crystals and natural remedies to help restore harmony, meaning the symptoms will ease and the body returns to wellness.

Each chakra has an assigned colour which reflect the colours of the rainbow. As above, so below. Again, there's no coincidence here either, because everything in our world is connected. We are part of the natural world, and become sick to the degree we think we are separate from nature.

The table below gives more information about the colours, emotions and qualities of each chakra.

Endocrine Gland



Pituitary (Master) Gland

Higher Self


Third Eye


Pineal Gland













Solar Plexus




Gut Instinct



Adrenals & reproductive glands

Joy of Life




Bowels, bones, feet



The Human Energy System

The human body is, quite simply, incredible. It works in our best interests 24/7, 365 days per year, keeping us well, and in a state known as homeostasis (internal equilibrium or balance). All this goes on without us even thinking about it, or being aware of it. While we’re busy doing whatever it is we do, and think is important, our body takes care of itself. It’s healthy function and in-built cleansing ability relies on the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and lifestyle choices, even our thoughts. It’s fair to say that most of us take our bodies – and health - for granted, until it produces symptoms (dis-ease or illness).

But what is it that gives life to our body, our cells, organs and bodily systems? What is it that is the difference between animate and inanimate? This energy has many names: the life force, the vital force, prana, qi (or chi). Homeopaths know it as Vital Force so I’ll stick with that. It may help to think of DNA as the physical blueprint, and the vital force as the energetic blueprint that units these two key elements that make the incredible and unique people we are.

The vital force lives in each cell and without it, there is no life. When the vital force flows freely throughout the body, we are in harmony, health and a state of wellbeing. We don’t think of dis-ease as there is none. We are well and at ease. The vital force extends outside of our body via the chakras to create an energy field known as the aura. Does anyone remember the Ready Brek advert in the 1970s, in which the boy had an orange glow around him after eating his Ready Brek? Well, that’s what the aura looks like, except it features the rainbow spectrum of colours. The human aura is thought to contain information that relates to all the activity going on inside and around the person, to include our past, present and future.

The aura can be captured in a process known as Kirlian Photography. Discovered accidentally in the USSR by Semyon Kirlian in the 1930s, he saw a visible aura around his hands which he later was able to capture on film.

Some people (clairvoyants, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, healers) can see the aura and chakras, which are present in all living things, to include plants, trees and animals This energy, or luminescence is a naturally occurring radiation. You can read more about this fascinating subject on this brilliant website - here.

The Treatment

Breathing is the key to clearing blocks in the chakra system as it mobilises our innate life, or Vital Force. A treatment involves case-taking, simple breathing and relaxation techniques - perhaps gentle exercises - to clear energy blocks and stagnation which block the body's ability to self-heal. The session itself takes 20-30 minutes but I spend time either side of that to select homeopathic or flower remedies - and maybe crystals - with a specific focus on the chakras to restore harmony and overcome your obstacles to wellbeing - to restore ease where there was dis-ease.

Regular use of these techniques and mediation at home will enable you to connect with, develop and reclaim your innate power, wisdom and health.

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